Commit ea92d98c authored by Benoit Viguier's avatar Benoit Viguier

slight update on the demo slides: author section

parent 7a411a65
......@@ -18,9 +18,9 @@
\subtitle{A modern beamer theme for Radboud University}
\author[Beno\^{i}t \textsc{Viguier} MSc]{
Beno\^{i}t \textsc{Viguier} MSc \\\medskip
\normalsize Beno\^{i}t \textsc{Viguier} MSc \\
{\small (\texttt{$\lambda$ x y.}) benoit viguier} \\
{\small \url{}}}
{\small \url{}}\\ \medskip}
% The institute:
% - to start the name of the university as displayed on the top of each slide
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