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......@@ -34,3 +34,8 @@ clean:
-rm tweetverif.blg
-rm tweetverif.brf
make -C csf-supplementary clean
@for f in $(SOURCES) ; do \
aspell -t -c $$f; \
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ In our case we rely on:
used by Coq must be consistent in order to trust the proofs. As an axiom,
we assume that the functional extensionality is also consistent with that logic.
$$\forall x, f(x) = g(x) \implies f = g$$
\begin{lstlisting}[language=Coq,belowskip=-0.25 \baselineskip]
\begin{lstlisting}[language=Coq,belowskip=-0.25 \baselineskip]
Lemma f_ext: forall (A B:Type),
forall (f g: A -> B),
(forall x, f(x) = g(x)) -> f = g.
......@@ -91,8 +91,25 @@ above will soon be integrated in a new version of the library.
% As a result we do not believe the metric person-month to be
% a good representation of the verification effort.
\subheading{Lessons learned.}
\todo{Write something about VST etc.}
\subheading{Lessons learned.} The effort to verify an existing code base is
significantly harder than synthesizing a proven by construction piece of software.
This difficulty is additionally increased by not having the freedom to modify
the original code, and by the low-level optimization applied in it.
This often requires to write functions that mimic the behavior of the C
code before proving multi-level equivalences to reach the desired level of specifications.
VST provides on one hand a large set of lemmas, and on the second hand tactics to use them.
If a lemma is directly applied, it generates a multiple sub-goals with a large set of dependent existential variables.
The tactics provided try to resolve those, and aim to simplify the workload of its user.
In an ideal world, the user does not need to know the lemmas applied under the hood and can just rely on those tactics.
Unfortunately, there were instances where those were not helping
% (\eg applying unnecessary substitutions, unfolding, exploding the size of our current goal; or simply failing),
at such moment, it was necessary to look into the VST code base and search for the right lemma.
Furthermore, the VST being an academic software, it is very hard to work with a tool
without being involved in the development loop. Additionally newer versions often broke
some of our proofs and it was often needed to adapt to the changes. That being said,
as we reported our bugs and struggles to the development team, the toolchain improved a lot.
\subheading{Extending our work.}
The high-level definition (\sref{sec:maths}) can easily be ported to any
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