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\section*{Submissions to IEEE S\&P and to USENIX Security}
Earlier versions of this manuscript have been submitted
to the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (submission deadline October 1, 2019)
and to the USENIX Security Symposium (submission deadline February 15, 2020).
The paper received a ``reject'' decision from IEEE S\&P and a ``reject-and-resubmit''
decision from USENIX. In this supplementary material we provide the following documents:
\item The reviews we received at USENIX, together the answers we provided
in the rebuttal phase. Note that we received only reviews \#324A, \#324B, and \#324C
before the rebuttal phase.
\item The version of the manuscript we submitted to USENIX. This version
contains in Appendix D the reviews we received at IEEE S\&P and our replies
to those reviews explaining how we addressed them in the revised version
we submitted to USENIX.
\item The version of the manuscript we submitted to IEEE S\&P.
\section*{Addressing the USENIX reviews}
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