Commit 2872e5ea authored by benoit's avatar benoit
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parent 1af0d14d
mkdir camlp5
mv camlp5.7.11 camlp5/
mkdir conf-findutils
mv conf-findutils.1 conf-findutils/
mkdir conf-gtksourceview
mv conf-gtksourceview.2 conf-gtksourceview/
mkdir conf-m4
mv conf-m4.1 conf-m4/
mkdir conf-pkg-config
mv conf-pkg-config.1.1 conf-pkg-config/
mkdir coq
mv coq.8.8.2 coq/
mkdir coq-bignums
mv coq-bignums/
mkdir coq-compcert
mv coq-compcert.3.2.0 coq-compcert/
mkdir coq-coqprime
mv coq-coqprime.1.0.3 coq-coqprime/
mkdir coq-dpdgraph
mv coq-dpdgraph-0.6.3 coq-dpdgraph/coq-dpdgraph.0.6.3
mkdir coqide
mv coqide.8.8.2 coqide/
mkdir coq-mathcomp-algebra
mv coq-mathcomp-algebra.1.7.0 coq-mathcomp-algebra/
mkdir coq-mathcomp-bigenough
mv coq-mathcomp-bigenough.1.0.0 coq-mathcomp-bigenough/
mkdir coq-mathcomp-field
mv coq-mathcomp-field.1.7.0 coq-mathcomp-field/
mkdir coq-mathcomp-fingroup
mv coq-mathcomp-fingroup.1.7.0 coq-mathcomp-fingroup/
mkdir coq-mathcomp-finmap
mv coq-mathcomp-finmap.1.0.0 coq-mathcomp-finmap/
mkdir coq-mathcomp-multinomials
mv coq-mathcomp-multinomials.1.1 coq-mathcomp-multinomials/
mkdir coq-mathcomp-solvable
mv coq-mathcomp-solvable.1.7.0 coq-mathcomp-solvable/
mkdir coq-mathcomp-ssreflect
mv coq-mathcomp-ssreflect.1.7.0 coq-mathcomp-ssreflect/
mkdir coq-reciprocity
mv coq-reciprocity/
mkdir coq-ssr-elliptic-curves
mv coq-ssr-elliptic-curves/
mkdir coq-stdpp
mv coq-stdpp.1.1.0 coq-stdpp/
mkdir coq-vst
mv coq-vst.2.0 coq-vst/
mkdir dune
mv dune.2.4.0 dune/
mkdir lablgtk
mv lablgtk.2.18.10 lablgtk/
mkdir menhir
mv menhir.20180528 menhir/
mkdir num
mv num.1.3 num/
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