Commit 3505ef88 authored by Benoit Viguier's avatar Benoit Viguier
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\begin{tikzpicture}[textstyle/.style={black, thick, anchor=north west, align=center, minimum height=0.45cm, minimum width=1cm, text centered, font=\scriptsize}]
\node [textstyle,draw] (VSTSpec) at (0,0) {Spec};
\node [textstyle,draw] (VSTC) at (0,-2) {C code};
\draw [->, thick] (VSTC.north) -- (VSTSpec.south);
\begin{scope}[yshift=0 cm,xshift=3 cm]
\node [textstyle,draw] (LowSpec) at (0,0) {Spec};
\node [textstyle,draw] (Low) at (0,-1) {Low*};
\node [textstyle,draw] (LowC) at (0,-2) {C code};
\draw [->, thick] (Low.south) -- (LowC.north);
\draw [->, thick] (Low.north) -- (LowSpec.south);
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