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......@@ -38,11 +38,10 @@ We consider \xcoord-only operations. Throughout the computation,
these $x$-coordinates are kept in projective representation
$(X : Z)$, with $x = X/Z$; the point at infinity is represented as $(1:0)$.
See \sref{subsec:ECC-projective} for more details.
We define two operations:
We define the opperation:
\texttt{xADD} &: (x_{Q-P}, (X_P:Z_P), (X_Q:Z_Q)) \mapsto \\
&(X_{P + Q}:Z_{P + Q})\\
\texttt{xDBL} &: (X_P:Z_P) \mapsto (X_{2 \cdot P}:Z_{2 \cdot P})
\texttt{xladderstep} &: (x_{Q-P}, (X_P:Z_P), (X_Q:Z_Q)) \mapsto \\
&((X_{2 \cdot P}:Z_{2 \cdot P}), (X_{P + Q}:Z_{P + Q}))
In the Montgomery ladder, % notice that
the arguments of \texttt{xADD} and \texttt{xDBL}
......@@ -64,8 +63,9 @@ computing a \xcoord-only scalar multiplication (see \aref{alg:montgomery-ladder}
\STATE $R = (X_R:Z_R) \leftarrow (x_P:1)$
\FOR{$k$ := $m$ down to $1$}
\STATE $(Q,R) \leftarrow \texttt{CSWAP}((Q,R), k^{\text{th}}\text{ bit of }n)$
\STATE $Q \leftarrow \texttt{xDBL}(Q)$
\STATE $R \leftarrow \texttt{xADD}(x_P,Q,R)$
% \STATE $Q \leftarrow \texttt{xDBL}(Q)$
% \STATE $R \leftarrow \texttt{xADD}(x_P,Q,R)$
\STATE $(Q,R) \leftarrow \texttt{xladderstep}(x_P,Q,R)$
\STATE $(Q,R) \leftarrow \texttt{CSWAP}((Q,R), k^{\text{th}}\text{ bit of }n)$
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