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add proofs of last inversion is not inside function

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Require Import ssreflect.
From Tweetnacl.Libs Require Import Export.
From Tweetnacl.Gen Require Import Get_abcdef.
Section last_in.
Open Scope Z.
Context (U:Type).
Context (T:Type).
Context (T':Type).
Fixpoint fun_rec (f_last: U -> T) (f_in: nat -> T' -> U -> U) (m : nat) (z : T') (x : U) : T :=
match m with
| 0%nat => f_last x
| S n => fun_rec f_last f_in n z (f_in n z x)
Fixpoint fun_rec_0 (f_in: nat -> T' -> U -> U) (m : nat) (z : T') (x : U) : U :=
match m with
| 0%nat => x
| S n => fun_rec_0 f_in n z (f_in n z x)
Lemma fun_rec_extract_last: forall f_in f_last n z x,
f_last (fun_rec_0 f_in n z x) = fun_rec f_last f_in n z x.
intros f_in f_last n.
induction n as [|n IHn]; intros z x.
rewrite IHn.
Close Scope Z.
End last_in.
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