Commit 89e0d08f authored by benoit's avatar benoit
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make also builds the csf-supplementary/previous.pdf

parent ceaa07be
all: tweetverif.pdf csf-supplementary/previous.pdf
SOURCES= code-tweetnacl.tex collection.bib conclusion.tex coq.tex highlevel.tex intro.tex lowlevel.tex preliminaries.tex proofs.tex rfc.tex t.bib tweetverif.tex tweetnacl.diff
tweetverif.pdf: ${SOURCES}
tweetverif.pdf: $(SOURCES)
pdflatex tweetverif.tex
bibtex tweetverif
pdflatex tweetverif.tex
pdflatex tweetverif.tex
make -C csf-supplementary
@echo $(BOLD)$(YELLOW)"Generating tweetnacl.diff"$(NO_COLOR)$(DARKGRAY)
......@@ -28,3 +32,4 @@ clean:
-rm tweetverif.bbl
-rm tweetverif.blg
-rm tweetverif.brf
make -C csf-supplementary clean
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