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......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ does not impact the trust of our proof.
\subheading{A complete proof.}
We provide a mechanized formal proof of the correctness of the X25519 implementation in TweetNaCl.
We first proved that TweetNaCl's implementation of X25519 matches RFC~7748 (\tref{thm:VST-RFC}).
In a second step we extended the COq library for elliptic curves \cite{BartziaS14}
In a second step we extended the Coq library for elliptic curves \cite{BartziaS14}
by Bartzia and Strub to support Montgomery curves. Using this extension we
proved that the X25519 implementation in TweetNaCl matches the mathematical
definitions as given in~\cite[Sec.~2]{Ber06} (\tref{thm:Elliptic-CSM}).
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