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......@@ -77,6 +77,20 @@ adjustments do not impact the trust of our proof.
We contacted the authors of TweetNaCl and expect that the changes described
above will soon be integrated in a new version of the library.
% Do we want to say that ?
% \subheading{Verification Effort.}
% In addition to the time required to get familiar with
% research software, we faced a few bugs which we reported
% to the developers of the VST to get them fixed.
% It is very hard to work with a tool without being involved
% in the development loop. Additionally newer versions often
% broke some of our proofs and it was often needed to adapt
% to the changes.
% As a result we do not believe the metric person-month to be
% a good representation of the verification effort.
\subheading{Extending our work.}
The high-level definition (\sref{sec:maths}) can easily be ported to any
other Montgomery curves and with it the proof of the ladder's correctness
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