Verified Commit 276a9fe6 authored by Camil Staps's avatar Camil Staps 🙂

Optimize some wrap_i64 instructions away from wasm interpreter

parent dc32fbdc
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......@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ where
block_start t = "(block $instr_"+++hd t.instrs
block_body t = [")":head ++ [toString s \\ s <- reverse t.stmts]]
block_body t = [")":head ++ [toString (optimize s) \\ s <- reverse t.stmts]]
head = reverse [";; "+++i \\ i <- t.instrs]
......@@ -92,3 +92,5 @@ type2 :: !a !a -> Type | type a
instance type Ex, Variable
instance toString Ex
optimize :: !Ex -> Ex
......@@ -200,3 +200,67 @@ where
signed_op t sig op = case t of
F64 -> "."+++op+++" "
_ -> "."+++op+++if sig "_s" "_u"
optimize :: !Ex -> Ex
optimize e = case e of
Eunreachable -> e
Ereturn e -> Ereturn (optimize e)
Eblock -> e
Eloop -> e
Ebr _ -> e
Ebr_local _ -> e
Ebr_if l e -> Ebr_if l (optimize e)
Eend -> e
Eif e -> Eif (optimize e)
Ethen -> e
Eelse -> e
Ecall l args -> Ecall l [optimize a \\ a <- args]
Eselect e1 e2 c -> Eselect (optimize e1) (optimize e2) (optimize c)
Etee v e -> Etee v (optimize e)
Eset v e -> Eset v (optimize e)
Eget _ -> e
Eload t1 t2 signed o a -> Eload t1 t2 signed o (optimize a)
Estore t1 t2 o a e -> Estore t1 t2 o (optimize a) (optimize e)
Econst _ _ -> e
Eadd t a b -> Eadd t (optimize a) (optimize b)
Esub t a b -> Esub t (optimize a) (optimize b)
Emul t a b -> Emul t (optimize a) (optimize b)
Ediv t signed a b -> Ediv t signed (optimize a) (optimize b)
Erem t signed a b -> Erem t signed (optimize a) (optimize b)
Eeq t a b -> Eeq t (optimize a) (optimize b)
Ene t a b -> Ene t (optimize a) (optimize b)
Elt t signed a b -> Elt t signed (optimize a) (optimize b)
Egt t signed a b -> Egt t signed (optimize a) (optimize b)
Ele t signed a b -> Ele t signed (optimize a) (optimize b)
Ege t signed a b -> Ege t signed (optimize a) (optimize b)
Eeqz t e -> Eeqz t (optimize e)
Eand t a b -> Eand t (optimize a) (optimize b)
Eor t a b -> Eor t (optimize a) (optimize b)
Exor t a b -> Exor t (optimize a) (optimize b)
Eshl t a b -> Eshl t (optimize a) (optimize b)
Eshr t signed a b -> Eshr t signed (optimize a) (optimize b)
Eabs t e -> Eabs t (optimize e)
Efloor t e -> Efloor t (optimize e)
Eneg t e -> Eneg t (optimize e)
Esqrt t e -> Esqrt t (optimize e)
Ewrap to fr e -> case optimize e of
Eload ltype stype signed o a | fr==ltype
-> Eload to stype signed o a
-> Ewrap to fr e
Eextend to fr e -> Eextend to fr (optimize e)
Ereinterpret to fr e -> Ereinterpret to fr (optimize e)
Etrunc to fr e -> Etrunc to fr (optimize e)
Econvert to fr e -> Econvert to fr (optimize e)
Ivar _ -> e
Iref t1 t2 o a -> Eload t1 t2 DontCare o (optimize a)
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