Verified Commit 75dfffe9 authored by Camil Staps's avatar Camil Staps 🚀

Report clean error for too long records (resolves #80)

parent 19c74252
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......@@ -4267,6 +4267,10 @@ struct label *code_descriptor
printf("%d\t.data2 %d %d\n",pgrm.data_size<<2,n,(arity-n)<<3);
store_data_l(n + (((arity-n)<<3)<<16));
if (n<arity-1 || (n==arity-1 && !strcmp (code_label_name,"__add__arg"))) {
fprintf(stderr, "Error: _add_arg %d required\n",n);
if (list_code)
printf("%d\t.data4 _add_arg%d\n",pgrm.data_size<<2,n);
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