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in clean-classic for linux-x86 update

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set -e
mkdir -p boot mkdir -p boot
cp -R -p clean boot/clean cp -r -p clean boot/clean
cd boot/clean (cd boot/clean; make)
cd ../..
mv boot/clean boot/clean0 mv boot/clean boot/clean0
cp -r -p clean boot/clean cp -r -p clean boot/clean
cp txt/README.boot boot/clean/README cp ./clean-classic/linux-x86/txt/README.boot boot/clean/README
./ ./clean-classic/linux-x86/
for m in StdArray StdEnv StdOverloaded _SystemArray StdOverloadedList \ for m in StdArray StdEnv StdOverloaded _SystemArray StdOverloadedList \
_SystemEnum StdFunc _SystemEnumStrict StdCharList StdStrictLists \ _SystemEnum StdFunc StdFunctions _SystemEnumStrict StdCharList StdStrictLists \
_SystemStrictLists StdClass StdList StdDebug StdTuple StdEnum \ _SystemStrictLists StdClass StdList StdDebug StdTuple StdEnum \
StdOrdList StdGeneric; StdOrdList StdGeneric StdMaybe;
do cp -p "boot/clean0/lib/StdEnv/Clean System Files/"$ "boot/clean/StdEnv/Clean System Files/"$; do cp -p "boot/clean0/lib/StdEnv/Clean System Files/"$ "boot/clean/StdEnv/Clean System Files/"$;
done done
mkdir -p boot/clean/src mkdir -p boot/clean/src
cp txt/Makefile_boot boot/clean/src/Makefile cp ./clean-classic/linux-x86/txt/Makefile_boot boot/clean/src/Makefile
cd boot/clean/src cd boot/clean/src
#../../../ RuntimeSystem ../../../clean-classic/linux-x86/ clean-compiler-and-rts/run-time-system.git RuntimeSystem
../../../ clean-run-time-system/trunk RuntimeSystem rm -Rf RuntimeSystem/.git
#../../../ CodeGenerator ../../../clean-classic/linux-x86/ clean-compiler-and-rts/code-generator.git CodeGenerator
../../../ clean-code-generator/trunk CodeGenerator rm -Rf CodeGenerator/.git
#../../../ tools/clm ../../../clean-classic/linux-x86/ clean-and-itasks/clm.git clm
../../../ clean-tools/trunk/clm tools/clm rm -Rf clm/.git
#../../../ libraries/ArgEnvUnix ../../../clean-classic/linux-x86/ clean-tools/trunk/htoclean tools/htoclean
../../../ clean-libraries/trunk/Libraries/ArgEnvUnix libraries/ArgEnvUnix ../../../clean-classic/linux-x86/ clean-and-itasks/clean-libraries.git clean-libraries
#../../../ compiler (cd clean-libraries; git checkout master Libraries/ArgEnvUnix Libraries/StdLib Libraries/Directory)
../../../ clean-compiler/trunk compiler rm -Rf clean-libraries/.git
#../../../ tools/htoclean (cp "tools/htoclean/Clean.h" "clean-libraries/Libraries/Directory/Clean System Files Unix/Clean.h"; cd clean-libraries/Libraries/Directory; mkdir "Clean System Files"; gcc -c -O "Clean System Files Unix/cDirectory.c" -o "Clean System Files/cDirectory.o")
../../../ clean-tools/trunk/htoclean tools/htoclean ../../../clean-classic/linux-x86/ clean-compiler-and-rts/compiler.git compiler
rm CodeGenerator/CodeGenLib rm -Rf compiler/.git
rm CodeGenerator/CodeGenLib_o ../../../clean-classic/linux-x86/ clean-tools/trunk/elf_linker elf_linker
rm CodeGenerator/CodeGenLib_xo ../../../clean-classic/linux-x86/ clean-and-itasks/clean-ide.git clean-ide
rm -Rf clean-ide/.git
chmod +x RuntimeSystem/remove_tmp_files_linux chmod +x RuntimeSystem/remove_tmp_files_linux
cd ../../.. cd ../../..
for p in compiler/main/Unix libraries/ArgEnvUnix compiler/frontend compiler/backend compiler/main; for p in elf_linker elf_linker/ia32 compiler/main/Unix \
clean-libraries/Libraries/ArgEnvUnix compiler/frontend compiler/backend compiler/main;
do mkdir -p "boot/clean/src/$p/Clean System Files"; do mkdir -p "boot/clean/src/$p/Clean System Files";
cp "$p/Clean System Files/"*.abc "boot/clean/src/$p/Clean System Files"; cp "$p/Clean System Files/"*.abc "boot/clean/src/$p/Clean System Files";
done done
rm boot/clean/bin/clm
rm boot/clean/bin/htoclean
rm boot/clean/bin/patch_bin
rm boot/clean/bin/BatchBuild
rm boot/clean/bin/cpm
rm boot/clean/exe/cg
rm boot/clean/exe/cocl
rm boot/clean/exe/linker
#rm boot/clean/data/CleanIDE
#rm boot/clean/data/ShowHeapProfile
#rm boot/clean/data/ShowTimeProfile
all: ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_startup.o ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_startupTrace.o ../exe/cg ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_system.o ../bin/patch_bin ../bin/clm tools/clm/clms ../exe/cocl ../bin/htoclean all: ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_startup.o ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_startupProfile.o ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_startupTrace.o ../exe/cg ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_system.o ../bin/patch_bin ../bin/clm clm/clms ../exe/linker ../exe/cocl ../bin/htoclean ../bin/BatchBuild ../bin/cpm
../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_startup.o: RuntimeSystem/macho64/_startup.o ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_startup.o: RuntimeSystem/_startup.o
cp RuntimeSystem/macho64/_startup.o ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_startup.o cp RuntimeSystem/_startup.o ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_startup.o
../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_startupTrace.o: RuntimeSystem/macho64/_startupTrace.o ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_startupTrace.o: RuntimeSystem/_startupProfile.o
cp RuntimeSystem/macho64/_startupTrace.o ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_startupTrace.o cp RuntimeSystem/_startupProfile.o ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_startupProfile.o
RuntimeSystem/macho64/_startup.o: ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_startupTrace.o: RuntimeSystem/_startupTrace.o
cd RuntimeSystem/macho64 ; ./ cp RuntimeSystem/_startupTrace.o ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_startupTrace.o
RuntimeSystem/macho64/_startupTrace.o: RuntimeSystem/_startup.o:
cd RuntimeSystem/macho64 ; ./ cd RuntimeSystem ; chmod +x ./remove_tmp_files_linux ; ./remove_tmp_files_linux ; make -f Makefile.linux
cd RuntimeSystem ; chmod +x ./remove_tmp_files_linux ; ./remove_tmp_files_linux ; make -f Makefileprofile.linux
cd RuntimeSystem ; chmod +x ./remove_tmp_files_linux ; ./remove_tmp_files_linux ; make -f Makefiletrace.linux
../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_system.o: ../exe/cg ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files/_system.o: ../exe/cg
cd ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files ; ../../exe/cg _system cd ../StdEnv/Clean\ System\ Files ; ../../exe/cg _system
...@@ -21,46 +27,55 @@ RuntimeSystem/macho64/_startupTrace.o: ...@@ -21,46 +27,55 @@ RuntimeSystem/macho64/_startupTrace.o:
CodeGenerator/cg: CodeGenerator/cg:
cd CodeGenerator; \ cd CodeGenerator; \
$(MAKE) -f Makefile.macosx64 $(MAKE) -f Makefile.linux
../bin/patch_bin: tools/clm/patch_bin ../bin/patch_bin: clm/patch_bin
cp tools/clm/patch_bin ../bin/patch_bin cp clm/patch_bin ../bin/patch_bin
tools/clm/patch_bin: /clm/patch_bin:
cd tools/clm; \ cd clm; \
$(MAKE) -f Makefile.macho64 patch_bin $(MAKE) -f Makefile.linux patch_bin
../bin/clm: tools/clm/clm ../bin/clm: clm/clm
cp tools/clm/clm ../bin/clm cp clm/clm ../bin/clm
../bin/patch_bin ../bin/clm CLEANLIB $(CWD)/../exe ../bin/patch_bin ../bin/clm CLEANLIB $(CWD)/../exe
../bin/patch_bin ../bin/clm CLEANPATH $(CWD)/../StdEnv ../bin/patch_bin ../bin/clm CLEANPATH $(CWD)/../StdEnv
tools/clm/clm: clm/clm:
cd tools/clm; \ cd clm; \
$(MAKE) -f Makefile.macho64 clm $(MAKE) -f Makefile.linux clm
tools/clm/clms: clm/clms:
cd tools/clm; \ cd clm; \
$(MAKE) -f Makefile.macho64 clms $(MAKE) -f Makefile.linux clms
../bin/patch_bin tools/clm/clms CLEANLIB $(CWD)/../exe ../bin/patch_bin clm/clms CLEANLIB $(CWD)/../exe
../bin/patch_bin tools/clm/clms CLEANPATH $(CWD)/../StdEnv ../bin/patch_bin clm/clms CLEANPATH $(CWD)/../StdEnv
libraries/ArgEnvUnix/ArgEnvC.o: clean-libraries/Libraries/ArgEnvUnix/ArgEnvC.o:
cd libraries/ArgEnvUnix; make ArgEnvC.o cd clean-libraries/Libraries/ArgEnvUnix; make ArgEnvC.o
compiler/main/Unix/set_return_code_c.o: compiler/main/Unix/set_return_code_c.o:
cd compiler/main/Unix; make all cd compiler/main/Unix; make all
../exe/linker: elf_linker/linker
cp elf_linker/linker ../exe/linker
elf_linker/linker: clean-libraries/Libraries/ArgEnvUnix/ArgEnvC.o compiler/main/Unix/set_return_code_c.o
cd elf_linker; \
../clm/clms -I ia32 -I ../clean-libraries/Libraries/ArgEnvUnix -I ../compiler/main/Unix -s 4m -h 30m -nt -nr linker -o linker; \
cp linker ../../exe/linker; \
../../bin/clm -I ia32 -I ../clean-libraries/Libraries/ArgEnvUnix -I ../compiler/main/Unix -s 4m -h 30m -nt -nr linker -o linker
../exe/cocl: compiler/cocl ../exe/cocl: compiler/cocl
cp compiler/cocl ../exe/cocl cp compiler/cocl ../exe/cocl
compiler/cocl: libraries/ArgEnvUnix/ArgEnvC.o compiler/main/Unix/set_return_code_c.o compiler/cocl: clean-libraries/Libraries/ArgEnvUnix/ArgEnvC.o compiler/main/Unix/set_return_code_c.o
cd compiler; \ cd compiler; \
cd backendC/CleanCompilerSources; make -f Makefile.linux64; cd ../..; \ cd backendC/CleanCompilerSources; make -f Makefile; cd ../..; \
../../bin/clm -O _system; \ ../../bin/clm -O _system; \
../../bin/clm -nt -nw -ci -ns -nr -I backend -I frontend -I main -I main/Unix -O compare_constructor ; \ ../../bin/clm -nt -nw -ci -ns -nr -I backend -I frontend -I main -I main/Unix -O compare_constructor ; \
../../bin/clm -gcm -h 48M -nt -nw -ci -nr -I backend -I frontend -I main -I main/Unix \ ../../bin/clm -gcm -h 40M -nt -nw -ci -nr -I backend -I frontend -I main -I main/Unix \
-I ../libraries/ArgEnvUnix \ -I ../clean-libraries/Libraries/ArgEnvUnix \
-l backendC/CleanCompilerSources/backend.a \ -l backendC/CleanCompilerSources/backend.a \
cocl -o cocl cocl -o cocl
...@@ -69,8 +84,21 @@ compiler/cocl: libraries/ArgEnvUnix/ArgEnvC.o compiler/main/Unix/set_return_code ...@@ -69,8 +84,21 @@ compiler/cocl: libraries/ArgEnvUnix/ArgEnvC.o compiler/main/Unix/set_return_code
tools/htoclean/htoclean: tools/htoclean/htoclean:
cd tools/htoclean/htoclean\ source\ code; \ cd tools/htoclean/htoclean\ source\ code; \
../../../../bin/clm -I ../../../libraries/ArgEnvUnix -h 4m -nt -nr -I unix htoclean -o ../htoclean ../../../../bin/clm -I ../../../clean-libraries/Libraries/ArgEnvUnix -h 4m -nt -nr -I unix htoclean -o ../htoclean
../bin/BatchBuild: clean-ide/BatchBuild/BatchBuild
cp clean-ide/BatchBuild/BatchBuild ../bin/BatchBuild
cd clean-ide; \
../../bin/clm -nt -nr -I BatchBuild -I Pm -I Unix -I Unix/Intel -I Util -I Interfaces/LinkerInterface -I ../clean-libraries/Libraries/StdLib -I ../clean-libraries/Libraries/Directory -I ../clean-libraries/Libraries/ArgEnvUnix BatchBuild -o BatchBuild/BatchBuild
../bin/cpm: clean-ide/cpm/cpm
cp clean-ide/cpm/cpm ../bin/cpm
cd clean-ide; \
../../bin/clm -nt -nr -I cpm -I cpm/Posix -I BatchBuild -I Pm -I Unix -I Unix/Intel -I Util -I Interfaces/LinkerInterface -I ../clean-libraries/Libraries/StdLib -I ../clean-libraries/Libraries/Directory -I ../clean-libraries/Libraries/ArgEnvUnix Cpm -o cpm/cpm
MCWD : sh=pwd MCWD : sh=pwd
Installing Clean Installing Clean
================ ================
Clean uses the linker and assembler from Apple. These are not
installed by default. Therefore first Apple's XCode must be installed.
The Mac OS X 10.6 install DVD includes a copy of XCode. XCode for
Mac OS X 10.7 can be downloaded at:
First compile the executable files using: First compile the executable files using:
cd src cd src
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