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Merge branch 'fix-cp-eastwood-mac' into 'master'

FIX: fixed broken copy on macos for clean-eastwood

See merge request !89
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set -e
mkdir -p target/clean-eastwood
# Build tools
export CLEAN_HOME=`pwd`/build/clean
cp -R src/eastwood-main build/clean-eastwood
mkdir -p target/clean-eastwood/bin
(cd build/clean-eastwood/src/linter/
mv EastwoodLint.prj.default EastwoodLint.prj
cpm project EastwoodLint.prj build
(cd build/clean-eastwood/src/languageServer/
mv EastwoodCleanLanguageServer.prj.default EastwoodCleanLanguageServer.prj
cpm project EastwoodCleanLanguageServer.prj build
cp build/clean-eastwood/src/linter/eastwood-lint target/clean-eastwood/bin/eastwood-lint
cp build/clean-eastwood/src/languageServer/eastwood-cls target/clean-eastwood/bin/eastwood-cls
clean-lib-platform main
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