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amend previous commit: in clean-classic for linux-arm32 add dynamics examples

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......@@ -77,14 +77,6 @@ cp clean-libraries/Libraries/TCPIP/Linux_C/cTCP_121.o "clean/data/TCPIP/Clean Sy
cp clean-libraries/Libraries/TCPIP/Linux_C/cTCP_121.c "clean/data/TCPIP/Clean System Files"
cp clean-libraries/Libraries/TCPIP/Linux_C/cTCP_121.h "clean/data/TCPIP/Clean System Files"
mkdir -p "clean/data/Dynamics/Clean System Files"
cp StdDynamicEnv/extension/StdCleanTypes.dcl clean/data/Dynamics
cp StdDynamicEnv/extension/StdCleanTypes.icl clean/data/Dynamics
cp StdDynamicEnv/extension/StdDynamic.dcl clean/data/Dynamics
cp StdDynamicEnv/extension/StdDynamicNoLinker.icl clean/data/Dynamics/StdDynamic.icl
cp StdDynamicEnv/implementation/_SystemDynamic.dcl clean/data/Dynamics
cp StdDynamicEnv/implementation/_SystemDynamic.icl clean/data/Dynamics
mkdir -p clean/data/Platform
cp -r -t clean/data/Platform clean-platform/src/libraries/OS-Independent/*
cp -r -t clean/data/Platform clean-platform/src/libraries/OS-Posix/*
......@@ -13,7 +13,5 @@ cd ..
mkdir svn
cd svn
svn export clean-tools
#svn export clean-dynamic-system
svn export StdDynamicEnv
svn export\ No\ Linker DynamicsExamples
cd ..
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