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in clean-classic for linux-x64 add platform examples, move small examples to...

in clean-classic for linux-x64 add platform examples, move small examples to SmallExamples directory
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......@@ -2,10 +2,40 @@
mkdir -p clean-libraries/Examples
mv git/clean-libraries/Examples/Small\ Examples clean-libraries/Examples
mkdir -p clean/examples
mkdir -p clean/examples/SmallExamples
for a in acker copyfile e fsieve hamming invperm lqueen mulmat nfib pascal reverse revtwice \
rfib sieve squeen str_arit stwice tak twice war_seq;
do cp clean-libraries/Examples/Small\ Examples/$a.icl clean/examples;
do cp clean-libraries/Examples/Small\ Examples/$a.icl clean/examples/SmallExamples
cp clean-libraries/Examples/Small\ Examples/run_all_programs clean/examples
cp clean-libraries/Examples/Small\ Examples/Makefile clean/examples/Makefile
cp clean-libraries/Examples/Small\ Examples/run_all_programs clean/examples/SmallExamples
cp clean-libraries/Examples/Small\ Examples/Makefile clean/examples/SmallExamples/Makefile
mkdir -p clean/examples/PlatformExamples/socket
mkdir -p clean/examples/PlatformExamples/WebPM/icons
cp clean-platform/src/examples/*.* clean/examples/PlatformExamples
cp clean-platform/src/examples/socket/*.icl clean/examples/PlatformExamples/socket
cp clean-platform/src/examples/WebPM/*.* clean/examples/PlatformExamples/WebPM
cp clean-platform/src/examples/WebPM/icons/*.* clean/examples/PlatformExamples/WebPM/icons
cat > clean/examples/PlatformExamples/<< EOF
export PATH=../../bin:\$PATH
clm -nt -IL Platform IPLookup -o IPLookup
clm -nt -IL Platform ProcessDemo -o ProcessDemo
clm -nt -IL Platform MapDemo -o MapDemo
clm -nt -IL Platform SQLDbDemo -o SQLDbDemo
clm -aC,-h,600m -nt -IL Platform -IL TCPIP WebDemo -o WebDemo
chmod +x clean/examples/PlatformExamples/
cat > clean/examples/PlatformExamples/WebPM/<< EOF
export PATH=../../../bin:\$PATH
clm -aC,-h,600m -nt -IL Platform -IL TCPIP PM -o PM
chmod +x clean/examples/PlatformExamples/WebPM/
cat > clean/examples/PlatformExamples/socket/<< EOF
export PATH=../../../bin:\$PATH
clm -nt -IL Platform client -o client
clm -nt -IL Platform server -o server
chmod +x clean/examples/PlatformExamples/socket/
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