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in clean-classic for linux-x86 add generics examples

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(cd git/clean-libraries; git checkout master Examples/Small\ Examples)
(cd git/clean-libraries; git checkout master Examples/Small\ Examples Examples/GenLib)
mkdir -p clean-libraries/Examples
mv git/clean-libraries/Examples/Small\ Examples clean-libraries/Examples
mv git/clean-libraries/Examples/GenLib clean-libraries/Examples
mkdir -p clean/examples/SmallExamples
for a in acker copyfile e fsieve hamming invperm lqueen mulmat nfib pascal reverse revtwice \
......@@ -10,6 +11,22 @@ done
cp clean-libraries/Examples/Small\ Examples/run_all_programs clean/examples/SmallExamples
cp clean-libraries/Examples/Small\ Examples/Makefile clean/examples/SmallExamples/Makefile
mkdir -p clean/examples/GenericsExamples
cp clean-libraries/Examples/GenLib/*.icl clean/examples/GenericsExamples
cat > clean/examples/GenericsExamples/<< EOF
export PATH=../../bin:\$PATH
clm -nt eq -o eq
clm -nt freevars -o freevars
clm -nt fromStr -o fromStr
clm -nt mapSt -o mapSt
clm -nt reduce -o reduce
clm -nt -IL Generics toStr -o toStr
clm -nt value -o value
clm -nt zip -o zip
chmod +x clean/examples/GenericsExamples/
mkdir -p clean/examples/PlatformExamples/socket
mkdir -p clean/examples/PlatformExamples/WebPM/icons
cp clean-platform/src/examples/*.* clean/examples/PlatformExamples
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