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in clean-classic for windows-x86 use git gast repository instead of svn repository

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......@@ -407,7 +407,8 @@ cvscleansystem ()
# svn_get "$1" clean-libraries/trunk/Libraries/ArgEnvWindows libraries/ArgEnvWindows
mv "$1/clean-libraries-git/Libraries/ArgEnvWindows" "$1/libraries/ArgEnvWindows"
svn_get "$1" gast libraries/Gast
# svn_get "$1" gast libraries/Gast
git_get "$1" clean-and-itasks/gast.git libraries/Gast
# svn_get "$1" clean-code-generator/trunk CodeGenerator
git_get "$1" clean-compiler-and-rts/code-generator.git CodeGenerator
# svn_get "$1" clean-run-time-system/trunk RuntimeSystem
......@@ -538,7 +539,7 @@ xremove ()
NONCLEAN_COMPONENTS="runtimesystem backend dynamicchannel dynamicgraphconversion
idersrc ioobjects tcpip codegen stdenvobj platform"
idersrc ioobjects tcpip codegen stdenvobj gast platform"
runtimesystem_build ()
# $1: cvs dir
......@@ -743,6 +744,30 @@ tcpip_dist ()
cp "$1"/tcpip/cCrossCallTCP_121.o "$2/Libraries/TCPIP/ObjectIO/Clean System Files/cCrossCallTCP_121.o"
gast_build ()
# $1: cvs dir
# $2: build dir
gast_dist ()
# $1: non-Clean build dir
# $2: dist dir
(cd "$2/Examples/Gast"; $2/cpm.exe project char.prj create; $2/cpm.exe project char.prj target Gast; $2/cpm.exe project char.prj set -b)
(cd "$2/Examples/Gast"; $2/cpm.exe project bool.prj create; $2/cpm.exe project bool.prj target Gast; $2/cpm.exe project bool.prj set -b)
(cd "$2/Examples/Gast"; $2/cpm.exe project int.prj create; $2/cpm.exe project int.prj target Gast; $2/cpm.exe project int.prj set -b)
(cd "$2/Examples/Gast"; $2/cpm.exe project tree.prj create; $2/cpm.exe project tree.prj target Gast; $2/cpm.exe project tree.prj set -b)
(cd "$2/Examples/Gast"; $2/cpm.exe project with_options.prj create; $2/cpm.exe project with_options.prj target Gast; $2/cpm.exe project with_options.prj set -b)
(cd "$2/Examples/Gast"; $2/cpm.exe project char.prj path add {Application}\\Libraries\\Platform; $2/cpm.exe project char.prj path move 0 down)
(cd "$2/Examples/Gast"; $2/cpm.exe project bool.prj path add {Application}\\Libraries\\Platform; $2/cpm.exe project bool.prj path move 0 down)
(cd "$2/Examples/Gast"; $2/cpm.exe project int.prj path add {Application}\\Libraries\\Platform; $2/cpm.exe project int.prj path move 0 down)
(cd "$2/Examples/Gast"; $2/cpm.exe project tree.prj path add {Application}\\Libraries\\Platform; $2/cpm.exe project tree.prj path move 0 down)
(cd "$2/Examples/Gast"; $2/cpm.exe project with_options.prj path add {Application}\\Libraries\\Platform; $2/cpm.exe project with_options.prj path move 0 down)
platform_build ()
# $1: cvs dir
# $2: build dir
......@@ -1179,7 +1204,11 @@ distduplicate ()
xduplicate "$1/libraries/StdEnv" "$2/Libraries/StdEnv"
xduplicate "$1/libraries/ArgEnvWindows" "$2/Libraries/ArgEnv"
xduplicate "$1/libraries/Gast" "$2/Libraries/Gast"
# xduplicate "$1/libraries/Gast" "$2/Libraries/Gast"
xmakedir "$2/Libraries/Gast"
xduplicate "$1/libraries/Gast/Libraries/Gast.icl" "$2/Libraries/Gast/Gast.icl"
xduplicate "$1/libraries/Gast/Libraries/Gast.dcl" "$2/Libraries/Gast/Gast.dcl"
xduplicate "$1/libraries/Gast/Libraries/Gast" "$2/Libraries/Gast/Gast"
xmove "$2/Libraries/Directory/Clean System Files Windows" \
"$2/Libraries/Directory/Clean System Files"
# xmove "$2/Libraries/ExtendedArith/ExtendedArith/Clean System Files Windows" \
......@@ -1234,9 +1263,9 @@ distduplicate ()
"$2/LibrariesObjectIO/OS Windows/Clean System Files"/*.obj; do
xremove "$distduplicate_ioobj"
xremove "$2/Libraries/Gast/trunk"
xremove "$2/Libraries/Gast/branches"
xremove "$2/Libraries/Gast/tags"
# xremove "$2/Libraries/Gast/trunk"
# xremove "$2/Libraries/Gast/branches"
# xremove "$2/Libraries/Gast/tags"
# Examples
xduplicate "$1"/CleanExamples/Generics "$2"/Examples/Generics
......@@ -1263,11 +1292,17 @@ distduplicate ()
xmove "$2/Libraries/Parsers/ParsersTestware.prj" "$2/Examples/Parsers/ParsersTestware.prj"
xmove "$2/Libraries/Parsers/MetarDemo" "$2/Examples/Parsers/MetarDemo"
xmove "$2/Libraries/Gast/examples" "$2/Examples/Gast"
xremove "$2/Examples/Gast/testFixed.icl"
xremove "$2/Examples/Gast/testFixed.prj"
xremove "$2/Examples/Gast/fixed.icl"
xremove "$2/Examples/Gast/fixed.dcl"
# xmove "$2/Libraries/Gast/examples" "$2/Examples/Gast"
xmakedir "$2/Examples/Gast"
xduplicate2 "$1/libraries/Gast/Tests/char.icl" "$2/Examples/Gast"
xduplicate2 "$1/libraries/Gast/Tests/bool.icl" "$2/Examples/Gast"
xduplicate2 "$1/libraries/Gast/Tests/int.icl" "$2/Examples/Gast"
xduplicate2 "$1/libraries/Gast/Tests/tree.icl" "$2/Examples/Gast"
xduplicate2 "$1/libraries/Gast/Tests/with_options.icl" "$2/Examples/Gast"
# xremove "$2/Examples/Gast/testFixed.icl"
# xremove "$2/Examples/Gast/testFixed.prj"
# xremove "$2/Examples/Gast/fixed.icl"
# xremove "$2/Examples/Gast/fixed.dcl"
xduplicate "$1/libraries/Platform/src/examples" "$2/Examples/Platform Examples"
find "$2/Examples/Platform Examples" -name .gitignore -delete
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