Commit b3d77355 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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in clean-base for linux-x64 copy modules StdDynamic and _SystemDynamic to lib/StdEnv

parent 8b691930
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......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ build_stdenv() { # $1:target
for a in StdArray StdBool StdChar StdCharList StdClass StdDebug StdEnum StdEnv \
StdFunc StdFunctions StdList StdMisc StdOrdList StdOverloaded StdOverloadedList \
StdStrictLists StdTuple StdMaybe _SystemArray _SystemEnum _SystemEnumStrict \
_SystemStrictLists _SystemStrictMaybes StdGeneric;
_SystemStrictLists _SystemStrictMaybes StdGeneric _SystemDynamic StdDynamic;
do cp src/stdenv-master/$a.[di]cl $1/lib/StdEnv ;
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