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in clean-classic for windows-x64 add project files for platform examples

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......@@ -650,6 +650,19 @@ platform_dist ()
xremove "$2/Libraries/Platform/Clean System Files/$base_name.o"
cp "$1/platform/$base_name.obj" "$2/Libraries/Platform/Clean System Files/$base_name.o"
(cd "$2/Examples/Platform Examples"; $2/cpm.exe project IPLookup.prj create; $2/cpm.exe project IPLookup.prj target Platform)
(cd "$2/Examples/Platform Examples"; $2/cpm.exe project MapDemo.prj create; $2/cpm.exe project MapDemo.prj target Platform)
(cd "$2/Examples/Platform Examples"; $2/cpm.exe project ProcessDemo.prj create; $2/cpm.exe project ProcessDemo.prj target Platform)
(cd "$2/Examples/Platform Examples"; $2/cpm.exe project SQLDbDemo.prj create; $2/cpm.exe project SQLDbDemo.prj target Platform)
(cd "$2/Examples/Platform Examples"; $2/cpm.exe project WebDemo.prj create; $2/cpm.exe project WebDemo.prj target Platform;\
$2/cpm.exe project WebDemo.prj path add {Application}\\Libraries\\TCPIP; $2/cpm.exe project WebDemo.prj path move 0 down)
(cd "$2/Examples/Platform Examples/socket"; $2/cpm.exe project client.prj create; $2/cpm.exe project client.prj target Platform)
(cd "$2/Examples/Platform Examples/socket"; $2/cpm.exe project server.prj create; $2/cpm.exe project server.prj target Platform)
(cd "$2/Examples/Platform Examples/WebPM"; $2/cpm.exe project PM.prj create; $2/cpm.exe project PM.prj target Platform;\
$2/cpm.exe project PM.prj path add {Application}\\Libraries\\TCPIP; $2/cpm.exe project PM.prj path move 0 down)
codegen_build ()
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