Commit f1fe36ef authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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in clean-classic for linux-x86 remove unused files from clean-build repository

parent 28b78b3c
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rm -rf Documentation Tools Fonts
rm -rf clean-abc-interpreter clean-completion clean-lib-gast clean-lib-platform
rm -rf clean-base clean-language-report clean-lib-generics clean-lib-stdlib
rm -rf clean-bundle-complete clean-lib-argenv clean-lib-graphcopy clean-lib-tcpip
rm -rf clean-bundle-itasks clean-lib-directory clean-lib-itasks clean-test
rm -rf clean-lib-dynamics clean-lib-objectio clean-test-properties
rm -rf clean-classic/linux-arm32
rm -rf clean-classic/linux-arm64
rm -rf clean-classic/linux-thumb
rm -rf clean-classic/linux-x64
# rm -rf clean-classic/linux-x86
rm -rf clean-classic/macos-x64
rm -rf clean-classic/windows-x64
rm -rf clean-classic/windows-x86
rm -rf git
rm -rf svn
rm -rf code-generator
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