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Update project files for linux and add CI

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Clean System Files
- bundle-complete
- apt-get update -qq
- apt-get install -y -qq build-essential
image: "camilstaps/clean:nightly"
- clm -nt -nr -h 67108864 -s 5242880 -IL ArgEnv -IL StdLib -IL Directory -I Pm -I Unix -I Util -I BatchBuild -I Interfaces/LinkerInterface -I cpm/Posix -I cpm Cpm -o cpm/cpm
- cpm CpmLinux.prj --force
- "cpm/cpm"
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# clean-ide
This contains the Windows IDE, batchbuild and cpm.
## Automatic builds
cpm is included in all clean distributions. However, if you cannot wait for the
nightly build you can download one of the automatic builds here:
- [linux-64](
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