Commit 0427b8b5 authored by Diederik van Arkel's avatar Diederik van Arkel
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add missing file

parent e1f4cd2d
definition module first_run
from StdPSt import :: PSt
first_run :: !String !String !String !String !String !String !String ![(String,String,String)] !(PSt .ls) -> (!Bool,!PSt .ls)
change_hcl_registry_fun :: !String !String !String !String -> [String]
change_pcl_registry_fun :: !String !String !String !String -> [String]
GetVNP :: (String,String,String)
get_ide_from_registry :: (!String,!String,!String,![String])
GetFileName :: !String -> String;
GetFilePath :: !String -> String;
uninstall :: !(PSt .ls) -> (![String],!PSt .ls)
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