Commit 05dfd9a2 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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allow absolute linker file name on unix

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......@@ -377,7 +377,8 @@ Link linker winfun path
optionspathname library_file_names object_file_names static_libraries static gen_relocs gen_symbol_table gen_linkmap
link_resources resource_path gen_dll dll_syms startupdir dynlstr _ use_64_bit_processor ps
# (calling_convention,linker) = get_optional_calling_convention linker
# (linker,linker_dir,options1,options2) = get_path_name_and_options2 linker startupdir
# (linker,linker_dir,options12) = get_path_name_and_options linker startupdir
# (options1,options2) = splitOptions options12
# flags = ApplicationOptionsToFlags applicationOptions
optdirpath = RemoveFilename optionspathname
((ok,pd_optdirpath),ps) = pd_StringToPath optdirpath ps
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