Commit 0b688a0d authored by Jurrien Stutterheim's avatar Jurrien Stutterheim
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Fix Unix PmCleanSystem

parent 20c8eb9d
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......@@ -53,13 +53,13 @@ Compile :: !String !Bool !Bool !(WindowFun *env) !(WindowFun *env) !CompileOrChe
CompilePersistent ::
!String !Bool !(WindowFun *env) !(WindowFun *env) !CompileOrCheckSyntax !ModuleDirAndName
!(List Pathname) !Bool !Bool !Bool !CompilerOptions !Pathname !*CompilingInfo !*env
!(List Pathname) !ProjectCompilerOptions !CompilerOptions !Pathname !*CompilingInfo !*env
-> (!*CompilingInfo,!(!*env, !Pathname, !CompilerMsg))
| FileEnv env
CompileStartCommand ::
!String !Bool !(WindowFun *env) !CompileOrCheckSyntax !Pathname
!(List Pathname) !Int !Bool !Bool !Bool !CompilerOptions !Pathname !CompilerProcessIds !*env
!(List Pathname) !Int !ProjectCompilerOptions !CompilerOptions !Pathname !CompilerProcessIds !*env
-> (!Bool,!CompilerProcessIds,!*env)
| FileEnv env
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