Commit 27759658 authored by Diederik van Arkel's avatar Diederik van Arkel
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typedef colouring

parent e0a4335a
......@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ optDrawS :== pictdrawstring // use non-optimised versions
optDrawC :== pictdrawchar // "
tabDrawStringC :: !Point2 !(!Info,!String) !FontInfo !*Picture -> *Picture
tabDrawStringC point ((clevel,typedef,typedecl),string)
tabDrawStringC point ((clevel,typedef,typedecl,_),string)
{tabSize,charWidth,thefont, showTabs, syntaxColours={textColour, backgroundColour,tabColour, commentColour, stringColour, charColour, keywordColour, typedefColour, typedeclColour}}
#! strings = splitAtTabs string
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