Commit 7fb7c206 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen

use type GeneralSt from PmCallBack instead of (PSt General)

parent 7a6889c2
definition module PmDriver
import StdPSt
from PmProject import :: Project, :: Pathname
from IdeState import :: General
from PmCleanSystem import :: CompileOrCheckSyntax
import PmCallBack
:: SetMadeProjectFun :==
( Bool
-> Bool
-> Project
-> (PSt General) -> PSt General)
-> GeneralSt -> GeneralSt)
:: CleanupCont :==
*(PSt *General) -> *(PSt *General)
*GeneralSt -> *GeneralSt
CompileProjectModule :: // Compile or Syntax-check a single module
!*(PSt General) -> *(PSt General)
!*GeneralSt -> *GeneralSt
GenAsmProjectModule :: // Generate assembly for a single module
!*(PSt General) -> *(PSt *General)
!*GeneralSt -> *GeneralSt
BringProjectUptoDate :: // Bring complete project up-to-date
!Bool // force recompile...
!*(PSt *General) -> *PSt *General
!*GeneralSt -> *GeneralSt
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