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Commit 863c903f authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen

in CpmWin.prj set environment to StdEnv, and output to NoReturnType

parent 0f590ee0
Version: 1.4 Version: 1.4
Global Global
ProjectRoot: . ProjectRoot: .
Target: iTasks Target: StdEnv
Exec: {Project}\cpm\cpm.exe Exec: {Project}\cpm\cpm.exe
CodeGen CodeGen
CheckStacks: False CheckStacks: False
...@@ -16,20 +16,25 @@ Global ...@@ -16,20 +16,25 @@ Global
ShowGC: False ShowGC: False
ShowStackSize: False ShowStackSize: False
MarkingCollector: False MarkingCollector: False
DisableRTSFlags: False
StandardRuntimeEnv: True StandardRuntimeEnv: True
Profile Profile
Memory: False Memory: False
MemoryMinimumHeapSize: 0 MemoryMinimumHeapSize: 0
Time: False Time: False
Stack: False Stack: False
Dynamics: False
GenericFusion: False
DescExL: False
Output Output
Output: ShowConstructors Output: NoReturnType
Font: Monaco Font: Monaco
FontSize: 9 FontSize: 9
WriteStdErr: False WriteStdErr: False
Link Link
LinkMethod: Static LinkMethod: Static
GenerateRelocations: False GenerateRelocations: False
GenerateSymbolTable: False
GenerateLinkMap: False GenerateLinkMap: False
LinkResources: False LinkResources: False
ResourceSource: ResourceSource:
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