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CPM: Add simple installation/usage instructions

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......@@ -43,6 +43,25 @@ import UtilStrictLists
* CPM is written to display help messages when an incomplete command is
* entered. Users are encouraged to explore CPM by themselves by reading these
* help messages.
* To use CPM on OS X (or Linux), you will need to specify a compatible
* environment in your project file in your IDEEnvs file. In the example below,
* we configure a project to build against an OS X-compatible environment.
* $CLEAN_HOME is the directory where you have installed your Clean compiler.
* - Make sure the `cpm` executable is in $CLEAN_HOME and $CLEAN_HOME is in
* your $PATH
* - In the project file, specify target OSXEnv by replacing the `Target`
* entry with `Target: OSXEnv`
* - In `$CLEAN_HOME/IDEEnvs`, add a new environment and call it `OSXEnv`.
* The easiest way is to duplicate the StdEnv and rename it.
* - Modify the `EnvironmentCompiler` and `EnvironmentCodeGen` entries in the
* new environment and change them to `exe/cocl` and `exe/cg` respectively.
* - Make sure `EnvironmentVersion` has value `920`
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