Commit 26d8c373 authored by Peter Achten's avatar Peter Achten
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(MW): removed old stuff for new stuff

parent 6bcc2b3e
@echo off
if (%1) == () goto error
echo creating directory %1
mkdir %1
copy bin\default.pal %1
copy bin\*.bat %1
goto end
echo usage: newdir NAME
@echo off
if (%2)==() goto error
..\bin\makedx %1
..\bin\map2icl %1 %2
copy %1.bmp ..\*.bmp
del %1.bmp
copy %1.dcl ..\*.dcl
del %1.dcl
copy %1.icl ..\*.icl
del %1.icl
goto end
echo usage: conv levelfile identifier
@..\bin\edlev %1 %2 %3 %4
\ No newline at end of file
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