Commit 34e9eb8e authored by Diederik van Arkel's avatar Diederik van Arkel

Small Windows fix for clipping problem

parent 689bfd68
......@@ -351,8 +351,10 @@ accClipPicture region drawf picture
isEmpty = if (curClipRgn==0) (\_ tb->(True,tb)) osisemptyrgn // PA: you must test for 0, because that's what windows generates if there is no clipping region!
#! (emptyCur,tb) = isEmpty curClipRgn tb
#! picture = unpeekPicture origin pen toScreen context tb
// (set,dispose) = if (curClipRgn==0) (pictsetcliprgn,\_ x->x) (pictandcliprgn,osdisposergn)
(set,dispose) = if emptyCur (pictsetcliprgn,\_ x->x) (pictandcliprgn,osdisposergn)
// DvA: Set back to this variant under Windows to avoid window resize bug if window look completely hidden by controls
// cf. Search window in CleanIde.
(set,dispose) = if (curClipRgn==0) (pictsetcliprgn,\_ x->x) (pictandcliprgn,osdisposergn)
// (set,dispose) = if emptyCur (pictsetcliprgn,\_ x->x) (pictandcliprgn,osdisposergn)
#! picture = set newClipRgn picture
#! (x,picture) = drawf picture
// #! (curClipRgn,picture) = (trace_rgn "accClipPicture: cur" curClipRgn,picture)
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