Commit 4bb2904d authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen

rename module TcpIp as FamkeTcpIp to avoid conflict with new TCPIP library

parent 171f20d0
definition module FamkeTcpIp
:: TcpIpPort = AnyPort | FixedPort !Int
:: TcpIp a
class sendTcpIp a :: !.a !*(TcpIp .a) -> (!Bool, !*TcpIp .a)
class receiveTcpIp a :: !Bool !*(TcpIp .a) -> (!Bool, !.a, !*TcpIp .a)
class closeTcpIp a :: !*(TcpIp .a) !*env -> (!Bool, !*env) | TcpIp env
class TcpIp env
listenTcpIp :: !TcpIpPort !*env -> (!Bool, !Int, !*TcpIp *(TcpIp .a), !*env)
connectTcpIp :: !Bool !Int !Int !*env -> (!Bool, !*TcpIp .a, !*env)
resolveTcpIp :: !String !*env -> (!Bool, !Int, !*env)
localhostIp env :== resolveTcpIp "" env
instance sendTcpIp String
instance receiveTcpIp String
instance closeTcpIp String
instance receiveTcpIp (TcpIp .a)
instance closeTcpIp (TcpIp .a)
instance TcpIp World
implementation module TcpIp
implementation module FamkeTcpIp
import StdClass, StdBool, StdInt, StdArray, StdMisc, Marshall, StdString
import code from "windowsTcpIp.obj", library "windowsWS2_32_library"
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