Commit 7a21f70d authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen

rename module TcpIp as FamkeTcpIp to avoid conflict with new TCPIP library

parent 8369640a
implementation module FamkeKernel
import StdDynamic
import TcpIp
import FamkeTcpIp
import StdFile
import StdBool, StdMisc, StdString, StdList, StdArray, DynID
from DynamicGraphConversion import string_to_dynamic, class EncodedDynamic (dynamic_to_string), instance EncodedDynamic String
implementation module FamkeProcess
import FamkeKernel
import FamkeRpc, LoesListSeq, LoesKeyList, TcpIp, StdException
import FamkeRpc, LoesListSeq, LoesKeyList, FamkeTcpIp, StdException
import StdBool, StdInt, StdMisc, StdString, StdList, StdArray, StdTuple, ArgEnv, Windows
from DynamicLinkerInterface import GetDynamicLinkerPath
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