Commit 8369640a authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen

rename module TcpIp as FamkeTcpIp to avoid conflict with new TCPIP library

parent 4bb2904d
definition module TcpIp
:: TcpIpPort = AnyPort | FixedPort !Int
:: TcpIp a
class sendTcpIp a :: !.a !*(TcpIp .a) -> (!Bool, !*TcpIp .a)
class receiveTcpIp a :: !Bool !*(TcpIp .a) -> (!Bool, !.a, !*TcpIp .a)
class closeTcpIp a :: !*(TcpIp .a) !*env -> (!Bool, !*env) | TcpIp env
class TcpIp env
listenTcpIp :: !TcpIpPort !*env -> (!Bool, !Int, !*TcpIp *(TcpIp .a), !*env)
connectTcpIp :: !Bool !Int !Int !*env -> (!Bool, !*TcpIp .a, !*env)
resolveTcpIp :: !String !*env -> (!Bool, !Int, !*env)
localhostIp env :== resolveTcpIp "" env
instance sendTcpIp String
instance receiveTcpIp String
instance closeTcpIp String
instance receiveTcpIp (TcpIp .a)
instance closeTcpIp (TcpIp .a)
instance TcpIp World
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