Commit 8948cc38 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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Merge branch 'add-Makefile_no_pic-for-ArgEnvUnix' into 'master'

add Makefile_no_pic for ArgEnvUnix to call gcc with -fno-pic for (32 bit)...

See merge request !15
parents 2b2ce7c0 92934736
CC=gcc -fno-pic
COPTIONS=-Wall -pedantic -O
printenv : printenv.o ArgEnv.o ArgEnvC.o
$(CLM) -b -nt printenv -o printenv
ArgEnvC.o : ArgEnvC.c
$(CC) $(COPTIONS) -c ArgEnvC.c
mkdir -p "Clean System Files"
cp ArgEnvC.o "Clean System Files/ArgEnvC.o"
ArgEnv.o : ArgEnv.icl ArgEnv.dcl
$(CLM) -O ArgEnv
printenv.o : printenv.icl ArgEnv.dcl
$(CLM) -O printenv
cleanup :
$(RM) printenv *.o *.abc
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