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definition module iDataSettings
// iData & iTask Library
// Concept & Programming (c) 2005 - 2007 Rinus Plasmeijer
import iDataHandler
import iDataCompileOptions
import Gerda // OPTION: GEneRic Database Access to a standard relational database, made by Arjen van Weelden
import DataFile // OPTION: A fast generic database stored in a file, made by Arjen van Weelden
import HttpServer
// Global settings of iData applications
// The following options are switched on or off by a Clean macro definition.
// Switching off options you don't use increases the efficiency of the application.
// Database OPTION : comment out *one* of the following macro definitions
// Use the first line if you *do* want to use the Database option *and* you have an ODCB database interface installed on your machine !!!!
// otherwise use the second line
//IF_Database db no_db :== db // If Database option is used
IF_Database db no_db :== no_db // otherwise, BUT also manually flag of ", gerda{|*|}" in the iSpecialStore class definition
//IF_DataFile df no_df :== df // If DataFile option is used
IF_DataFile df no_df :== no_df // otherwise, BUT also manually flag of ", read {|*|}, write {|*|}" in the iSpecialStore class definition
//IF_Ajax aj no_aj :== aj // If you want to enable sub-page (thread) handling using "Ajax" technology
IF_Ajax aj no_aj :== no_aj // Otherwise
//IF_ClientServer cs no_cs :== cs // If you want to have a client server architecture (with Sapl running on the client)
IF_ClientServer cs no_cs :== no_cs // Otherwise
IF_ClientTasks :: .a .a -> .a // Follows IF_Client setting
class iData a // The collection of generic functions needed to make iData:
| gForm {|*|} // Creates an Html Form
, iCreateAndPrint
, iParse
, iSpecialStore a
class iCreateAndPrint a // Used for tracing iTasks
| iCreate
, iPrint a
class iCreate a
| gUpd {|*|} a // Makes it possible to update and create any value, given a change somewhere in the data structure
class iPrint a
| gPrint{|*|} a // To serialize a value to a String
class iParse a
| gParse{|*|} a // To de-serialize a string back to a value
class iSpecialStore a
| TC // To be able to store values in a dynamic
// OPTION: Comment out the next line if you do not have access to an ODCB database on your machine !!!!
// -or- if you do not want to make use of the Database option
// , gerda {|*|} // To store and retrieve any Clean value in a standard relational database (slow but standard)
// OPTION: Comment out the next line if you do not want to use the DataFile option
// , read {|*|}, write {|*|} // To store and retrieve any Clean value in a special database for which a file is used (fast but non standard)
// There are several kind of server options:
:: ServerType
= Internal // Default: The application is linked with a Clean http 1.0 server
| CGI // The application is used through an external server with the Common Gateway Interface
| External // The application runs as a subserver connected to a http 1.1 server
| TestMode // The application is tested with Gast (in collaboration with Gast)
instance == ServerType
// Set here the kind of server you want to use and the port number to use for the communication
ServerKind :== Internal // Enable this one for developing an iData or iTask application
//ServerKind :== CGI // or: Enable this one for running the final version through CGI
//ServerKind :== External // or: Enable this one for the final version using an http 1.1 server
ServerOptions :== []
// Global Settings determining where files are stored
ThisExe :: String // name of this executable (without .exe)
MyAbsDir :: String // absolute path name of directory in which this execuatble is located in
// absolute path name of directory where static resources (css,js,img etc.) are stored
//ResourceDir :== MyAbsDir +++ ThisExe
//ResourceDir :== "C:\\Documents and Settings\\rinus\\Desktop\\Clean 2.2\\Libraries\\iData\\Resources\\"
ResourceDir :== "C:\\Documents and Settings\\Bas Lijnse\\Desktop\\Clean\\Libraries\\iData\\Resources"
iDataStorageDir :== MyAbsDir +++ ThisExe +++ "-iStore" // directory name where iData and iTask files are stored
ODCBDataBaseName :== ThisExe +++ "-ODCB" // name of ODCB Database being used by iData applications
DataFileName :== ThisExe +++ "-CLDB" // name of DataFile being used by iData applications
TraceFile :== MyAbsDir +++ ThisExe +++ "-traceSubServer.txt" // name of file in which trace information from subserver is stored
// Debug switches
TraceInput :== True // show what kind of information is received from Client
TraceOutput :== True // show what kind of information is stored when application is finished
TraceThreads :== True // show the threadtable
TraceHTTP :== True
// separators
iDataIdSeparator :== "." // used for combining iData form id's
radioButtonSeparator :== '.' // used as extension for family of radiobuttons
// Ajax separators
State_FormList_Separator :== "##;" // separator between state info and list of form info
FormElem_Separator :== "#;;" // separator between form elements in form list
FormName_Content_Separator :== "###" // separator between name of form and the contents of a form element
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