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definition module htmlSettings
import htmlHandler
// Global settings of iData applications
class iData a // The collection of generic functions needed to make iData:
| gForm {|*|} // Creates an Html Form
, gUpd {|*|} // Makes it possible to edit the form and updates the corresponding value
, gPrint{|*|} // To serialize a form to a String
, gParse{|*|} // To de-serialize the string back to a value
, gerda {|*|} // To store and retrieve a value in a database
, TC a // To be able to store values in a dynamic
// TC is a special class cannot be included here
TraceInput :== False // set it to True if you want to see what kind of information is stored
MyDataBase :== "iDataDatabase" // name of database being used by iData applications
implementation module htmlSettings
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