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fix timeout by checking the socket for errors

In the old situation when the connect didn't immediately return, the
socket was placed in a select.
An error was throws only when the socket was in the exceptset. However,
sockets are only in the exceptset in very particular cases (see man
select). Unable to connect is not one of those cases.

Therefore to actually check if a connection was refused, the error
status must be checked with getsockopt.
parent cf79df7a
......@@ -287,6 +287,17 @@ void os_connectTCP_syncC (int onlyForMac, int doTimeout, unsigned int stopTime,
timeout.tv_usec = (timeoutTicks % 1000)*1000; /* Timeout in microsec's */
noOfWritableSockets = select ((int)client+1,NULL,&writeSet,&exptnSet,&timeout);
int so_error;
socklen_t len = sizeof so_error;
getsockopt(client, SOL_SOCKET, SO_ERROR, &so_error, &len);
if (so_error != 0) {
*errCodeP = 1;
*timeoutExpiredP = 0;
*errCodeP = noOfWritableSockets<0
|| (noOfWritableSockets>0 && FD_ISSET(client,&exptnSet));
*timeoutExpiredP = noOfWritableSockets==0;
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