Commit f787749f authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen

use case instead of u_isNothing and fromJust (u_isNothing will probably be renamed or removed)

parent 3dbd4d52
......@@ -82,10 +82,11 @@ instance Receivers TCP_ListenerReceiver where
handleConnectRequest f (IE_CONNECTREQUEST,endpointRef,_) (ls,ps=:{io})
# (_, mbHostDuplexChan,_,io) = receive_MT (Just 0) (pack_tcplistener endpointRef) io
(isNothin`,mbHostDuplexChan) = u_isNothing mbHostDuplexChan
| isNothin`
= (ls,{ ps & io=io})
= f (Received (fromJust mbHostDuplexChan)) (ls,{ ps & io=io})
= case mbHostDuplexChan of
-> (ls, {ps & io=io})
Just hostDuplexChan
-> f (Received hostDuplexChan) (ls, {ps & io=io})
getReceiverType _
= "TCP_ListenerReceiver"
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