Commit 5800f9ba authored by Steffen Michels's avatar Steffen Michels

Merge branch 'recompile-in-ci' into 'master'

Recompile platform modules after compiling Gast (Gast uses Platform)

See merge request !281
parents 52a3a98a b7334c89
Pipeline #29997 passed with stage
in 3 minutes and 9 seconds
......@@ -28,12 +28,13 @@ RUN_BINARIES:=$(addprefix run_,$(BINARIES))
$(filter-out checktest commentstest tartest snappytest,$(BINARIES)): .FORCE
$(filter-out checktest commentstest snappytest tartest,$(BINARIES)): .FORCE
$(CLM) $(CLMLIBS) -PABC StdMaybe
$(CLM) $(CLMLIBS) -PABC -dynamics _SystemDynamic
find ../../src/libraries -name '*.abc' -exec rm {} \;
$(CLM) $(CLMLIBS) $(CLMFLAGS) $@ -o $@
$(filter-out run_tartest,$(RUN_BINARIES)): run_%: %
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