Commit 8d549114 authored by Steffen Michels's avatar Steffen Michels

add Gast instance module for Data.Set

parent 0364a73f
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definition module Data.Set.Gast
from Data.Set import :: Set
from Gast import generic genShow
derive genShow Set
implementation module Data.Set.Gast
import Gast, Data.Set
genShow{|Set|} fx sep p x rest = genShow{|* -> *|} fx sep p (toList x) rest
......@@ -134,6 +134,7 @@ import qualified Data.OrdList
import qualified Data.Queue
import qualified Data.Set
import qualified Data.Set.GenJSON
import qualified Data.Set.Gast
import qualified Data.Stack
import qualified Data.Traversable
import qualified Data.Tree
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