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Also add Database.Native.JSON

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definition module Database.Native.JSON
from Data.Maybe import :: Maybe
from Database.Native import :: Index
from Text.GenJSON import generic JSONEncode, generic JSONDecode, :: JSONNode
derive JSONEncode Index
derive JSONDecode Index
implementation module Database.Native.JSON
import Database.Native
import Text.GenJSON
JSONEncode{|Index|} _ (Index i) = [JSONInt i]
JSONDecode{|Index|} _ [JSONInt i:l] = (Just (Index i), l)
JSONDecode{|Index|} _ l = (Nothing, l)
......@@ -94,6 +94,7 @@ import qualified Data.Word8
import qualified Data._Array
import qualified Data.Generics
import qualified Database.Native
import qualified Database.Native.JSON
import qualified Database.SQL
import qualified Database.SQL.MySQL
import qualified Database.SQL.RelationalMapping
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