Verified Commit e7b70ad2 authored by Mart Lubbers's avatar Mart Lubbers Committed by Camil Staps

Resolve overlapping instances for Data.Word8

parent eea58fa9
implementation module Data.Word8
import StdClass, StdChar, StdArray, StdInt
import StdArray
import StdClass
import StdOverloaded
from StdInt import instance + Int, instance - Int, instance one Int, instance < Int, instance rem Int
from StdChar import instance toChar Int, instance fromChar Int
:: Word8 :== Char
......@@ -28,4 +32,4 @@ stringToBytes :: !String -> [Word8]
stringToBytes str = [c \\ c <-: str]
bytesToString :: ![Word8] -> String
bytesToString str = {c \\ c <- str}
\ No newline at end of file
bytesToString str = {c \\ c <- str}
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