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add missing module

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definition module Sapl.Transform.VarReferences
from Sapl.SaplStruct import :: FuncType
fixReferences :: ![FuncType] -> [FuncType]
implementation module Sapl.Transform.VarReferences
import StdList, StdFunc, StdTuple, StdBool
import Sapl.SaplStruct
from Data.Map import :: Map (..), newMap, put, get
fixReferences :: ![FuncType] -> [FuncType]
fixReferences fs = map fixOneFun fs
createInitialMap :: [SaplTypedVar] -> Map String SaplVar
createInitialMap vs = addVars newMap (map removeTypeInfo vs)
addVars :: (Map String SaplVar) [SaplVar] -> Map String SaplVar
addVars vars vs = foldl addOne vars vs
addOne map var = put (unpackVar var) var map
fixOneFun (FTFunc name body args) = FTFunc name (fixRefs (createInitialMap [name:args]) body) args
fixOneFun (FTMacro name body args) = FTMacro name (fixRefs (createInitialMap [name:args]) body) args
fixOneFun (FTCAF name body) = FTCAF name (fixRefs (createInitialMap [name]) body)
fixOneFun f = f
fixRefs vars v1=:(SVar var) =
case get (unpackVar var) vars of
(Just v2) = (SVar v2)
Nothing = v1
fixRefs vars (SApplication f args) = SApplication (fixRefs vars f) (map (fixRefs vars) args)
fixRefs vars (SCase expr patterns) = SCase (fixRefs vars expr) (map fixPattern patterns)
fixPattern (p=:(PCons cons vs), body) = (p, fixRefs newVars body)
newVars = addVars vars vs
fixPattern (p, body) = (p, fixRefs vars body)
fixRefs vars (SLet body defs) = SLet (fixRefs vars body) (map fixLetDef defs)
newVars = addVars vars (map (removeTypeInfo o unpackBindVar) defs)
fixLetDef (SaplLetDef var expr) = SaplLetDef var (fixRefs newVars expr)
fixRefs vars (SSelect expr type field) = SSelect (fixRefs vars expr) type field
fixRefs vars (SUpdate expr type updates) = SUpdate (fixRefs vars expr) type (map fixUpdate updates)
fixUpdate (field, expr) = (field, fixRefs vars expr)
fixRefs vars t = t
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