Commit 5a0101ba authored by László Domoszlai's avatar László Domoszlai

fix comment

git-svn-id: cb785ff4-4565-4a15-8565-04c4fcf96d79
parent f5f90c61
......@@ -2,20 +2,9 @@ implementation module Sapl.Target.JS.CodeGeneratorJS
/* TODO:
* 1. strict let bindings are only partially supported:
* (a) strict let bindings may not in the good order:
* "these dependencies are determined in the backend (statesgen.c)
* using a strongly connected component algorithm"
* (b) if a strict let binding depends on a following binding, it
* cannot be evaluated in place. The valuation should be postponed after
* the declaration of the dependency, but currently strictness is removed
* completely instead of. For example:
* let !a = ...b..., b = ... in ... becomes let a = ...b..., b = ... in ...
* see deStrictIfNeeded
* 1. Cyclical let definitions are not allowed. Putting the reference o the later binding into
* an anonymous function as a closure cannot work all the time. It can easily break
* when tail recursion is involved around the let expression (scoping problem).
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