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Use git version of compiler

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......@@ -12,5 +12,4 @@
[submodule "src/compiler"]
path = src/compiler
url =
......@@ -9,8 +9,8 @@ The latest documentation can be [downloaded][doc] in PDF format.
## Installation
On Linux, the tool can be installed simply by running
`make -f Makefile.linux64`. This downloads the right version of the Clean
compiler. On Windows, you are yourself responsible for this, but a project file
`make -f Makefile.linux64`. This builds the dependencies of the Clean compiler
as well. On Windows, you are yourself responsible for this, but a project file
is provided.
......@@ -5,17 +5,17 @@ BIN:=testproperties
all: $(BIN)
$(BIN): %: %.prj clean-compiler .FORCE
$(BIN): %: %.prj compiler .FORCE
cpm $<
$(addsuffix .prj,$(BIN)): %.prj: %.prj.default
cp $^ $@
svn checkout -r 3056 clean-compiler
$(MAKE) -C clean-compiler/main/Unix
$(MAKE) -C clean-compiler/backendC/CleanCompilerSources -f Makefile.linux64
ln -s ../../backendC/CleanCompilerSources/backend.a clean-compiler/backend/Clean\ System\ Files/backend_library
compiler: .FORCE
$(MAKE) -C compiler/main/Unix
$(MAKE) -C compiler/backendC/CleanCompilerSources -f Makefile.linux64
mkdir -p compiler/backend/Clean\ System\ Files
ln -fs ../../backendC/CleanCompilerSources/backend.a compiler/backend/Clean\ System\ Files/backend_library
shopt -s globstar; $(RM) -r **/Clean\ System\ Files $(BIN) $(addsuffix .prj,$(BIN))
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