Commit cf5f9fb5 authored by Camil Staps's avatar Camil Staps 🚀

Update submodule

parent b3801d9f
Clean System Files/ Clean System Files/
cleantest cleantest
makecleantest makecleantest
Subproject commit 6987d49de50bdef8d5ec4e3df04a90210d88903d Subproject commit 00b4e563da95396c1f8373b846b60be75caa4c28
...@@ -9,24 +9,20 @@ CLMFLAGS:=-nr -nt -h 100m -nortsopts\ ...@@ -9,24 +9,20 @@ CLMFLAGS:=-nr -nt -h 100m -nortsopts\
-I Cloogle/libcloogle\ -I Cloogle/libcloogle\
-I Cloogle/CleanTypeUnifier\ -I Cloogle/CleanTypeUnifier\
-I Cloogle/CleanPrettyPrint\ -I Cloogle/CleanPrettyPrint\
-I clean-compiler/frontend\ -I Cloogle/clean-compiler/frontend\
-I clean-compiler/backend\ -I Cloogle/clean-compiler/backend\
-I clean-compiler/main\ -I Cloogle/clean-compiler/main\
-I clean-compiler/main/Unix -I Cloogle/clean-compiler/main/Unix
.PHONY: all clean .PHONY: all clean
all: $(BIN) all: $(BIN)
$(BIN): clean-compiler .FORCE $(BIN): Cloogle/clean-compiler .FORCE
$(CLM) $(CLMFLAGS) $@ -o $@ $(CLM) $(CLMFLAGS) $@ -o $@
clean-compiler: Cloogle/clean-compiler:
svn checkout -r 2838 clean-compiler $(MAKE) -C Cloogle clean-compiler
cd clean-compiler; for f in ../Cloogle/compiler-patch/*.patch; do patch -p1 < "$$f"; done
$(MAKE) -j -C clean-compiler/main/Unix
$(MAKE) -j -C clean-compiler/backendC/CleanCompilerSources -f Makefile.linux64
ln -s ../../backendC/CleanCompilerSources/backend.a clean-compiler/backend/Clean\ System\ Files/backend_library
clean: clean:
$(RM) -r **/Clean\ System\ Files $(BIN) $(RM) -r **/Clean\ System\ Files $(BIN)
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