Commit 1679d19a authored by Maarten de Mol's avatar Maarten de Mol
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Show splash-screen.

parent dcd5d94f
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ TacticDialogBG: (R:0,G:0,B:0,H:0,L:0,S:0)
TacticListBG: (R:180,G:225,B:140,H:64,L:182,S:149)
TheoremWindowBG: (R:0,G:0,B:0,H:0,L:0,S:0)
TheoremListWindowBG: (R:170,G:210,B:100,H:57,L:154,S:140)
Start with about: False
Start with about: True
Hints view threshold: 1
Hints apply threshold: 101
_WinTacticList0 "List of tactics (1)" + "*"
......@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@ _WinTacticList3 "List of tactics (4)"
_WinTacticList4 "List of tactics (5)"
WinProof: CLOSED 177x221 745x306
WinHints: CLOSED 184x2 748x91
WinSectionCenter: OPENED 0x541 169x131
WinTacticList0: OPENED 854x0 142x655
WinSectionCenter: OPENED 206x0 172x421
WinTacticList0: OPENED 414x0 154x401
WinTacticList2: CLOSED 565x175 203x427
WinProjectCenter: OPENED 0x0 170x420
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