Commit 43e342de authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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fix updating call graph profiling option in abc file, call fseek between read and write

parent 5bf61d59
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......@@ -1227,7 +1227,7 @@ static int project_node_is_abc_up_to_date (P_NODE project_node)
if (comp_options_position>=0){
FILE *f;
char c;
int c;
f=fopen (abc_file_name,"r+");
if (f==NULL)
......@@ -1246,12 +1246,15 @@ static int project_node_is_abc_up_to_date (P_NODE project_node)
c=fgetc (f);
if (c=='0' || c=='1'){
ungetc (c,f);
char callgraph_profile_c;
if (clean_options & CALLGRAPH_PROFILE_MASK)
fputc ('1',f);
fputc ('0',f);
callgraph_profile_c = (clean_options & CALLGRAPH_PROFILE_MASK) ? '1' : '0';
if (c!=callgraph_profile_c){
if (fseek (f,comp_options_position+13,SEEK_SET)!=0)
error_s ("Could not write to file %s\n",abc_file_name);
fputc (callgraph_profile_c,f);
} else if (clean_options & CALLGRAPH_PROFILE_MASK)
error_s ("Failed to patch %s for callgraph profiling",abc_file_name);
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