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Recompile module when it was compiled with different generic fusion options

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......@@ -1270,7 +1270,7 @@ static int project_node_is_abc_up_to_date (P_NODE project_node)
if (project_node==main_project_node &&
((DEBUG_MASK | STRICTNESS_ANALYSIS_MASK | FUSION_MASK | NO_REUSE_UNIQUE_NODES_MASK) & clean_options_mask & (clean_options ^ abc_options))!=0)
((DEBUG_MASK | STRICTNESS_ANALYSIS_MASK | FUSION_MASK | GENERIC_FUSION_MASK | NO_REUSE_UNIQUE_NODES_MASK) & clean_options_mask & (clean_options ^ abc_options))!=0)
if (verbose)
warning_s ("(%s.icl is compiled with different options)", project_node->pro_fname);
  • I tried this before, but when I recompile the same project with a changed generic fusion flag, I'd expect all modules to be recompiled, which was not the case in my tests.

  • Oh I overlooked you comment above.

  • This is because of project_node==main_project_node --- see my comment above.

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